July 1st, 2024

Dine at Esther and you may leave with a special sealed envelope. Inside? Tomato seeds. But these aren’t any old tomato seeds. Enter: Curious Croppers. From small seeds grow great things and Curious Croppers are the epitome of excellence. Bursting with flavour and a deliciously imperfect appearance, you’ve likely spied bountiful platters of these beautiful, bright and ever-so-quirky tomatoes on display around the restaurant.

Anthony and Angela Tringham are the husband and wife behind Curious Croppers. Like their crop, the Clevedon-based duo are fun, quirky and creative individuals, with a great passion for what they do. In the 15 years they’ve been growing unique heirloom tomatoes, they’ve cultivated over 50 weird, wonderful and wonky varieties.

Their ethos is rooted in a strong agro-ecology approach, meaning minimal intervention and working with – rather than against – nature. This commitment to sustainability sees tomatoes reaching their full ripeness on the vine, not plucked until perfectly plump and perky. The result? Fruit full of flavour owing to maximised nutrients and nutritional value. Pesticides have also been given the boot, with Curious Croppers’ belief that more insects equals richer biodiversity and a healthier ecosystem – both for their produce and the environment.

Esther’s Creative Director of Food & Beverage, Sean Connolly, is extremely passionate about sourcing the finest produce and working with passionate suppliers, like Anthony and Angela. On a recent visit to Esther, the Tringhams expressed how proud they are to be featured on our menu. Our Curious Croppers Heirloom Tomato Salad is an honest, simple and vibrant dish. Dressed with high quality extra virgin olive oil and sprigs of fresh basil, Curious Croppers are the star of the show. And rightly so.

Visit Esther and delight in the glory of these unique wonky fruits, taste them and grab a complimentary packets of tomato seeds on exit. Fabulous!
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