Cobblestone streets descend into sparkling azure waters, sea breezes blow ancient winds and rays bathe terraces in golden light in the land of the sun. Welcome to the mystifying Mediterranean, where daily dining rituals transcend into painted sunset skies, rich with tradition and a warm embrace.  

A vibrant tapestry of flavours weaves through these faraway lands, united by shared coastal culture and the art of living well. A sprinkle of la dolce vita here, a generous glug of ouzo there.  

Through a series of lavish lunches we’re taking you on a journey through the Mediterranean as we chase flavours of the sun, a grand tour of sorts. From Amalfi to St Tropez, Tel Aviv to Marrakesh, Mykonos to Ibiza.    

Idyllic escapes and multi-course escapades await at Esther as we bring you into chef Sean Connolly’s world of honest, elevated fare. Settle in for one gargantuan gastronomic adventure, served up with lashings of wanderlust – passport not required.

Journey through Esther’s Food of the Sun events below, and see where the wind takes you >>

Food of the Sun Events